The Mystery of My Life


The Republic of Equatorial Guinea was for centuries a pearl always desired by some Western powers for its vast natural

resources. But destiny, due to geopolitical conditions, decided that Spain would be the colonial power imposing its system of colonial enforcement, ie military dictatorship that was defined by an extreme rightist regime, in contrast to the democracies of Western Europe, United States and Canada, to name a few.

However, the end of colonial rule was triggered by the courage of the political activities of our ancestors who risked their lives for national independence, which sadly proved a disaster due to the political regimes imposed by the presidents Macías Nguema Biyogo and Teodoro Obiang Nguema who control the defenseless population through their repressive military and para-military apparatus. In this context, as a grandson of a great patriarch and son of one of the fathers of the independence of Equatorial Guinea, based on my experiences living under the dictatorship of Teodoro Obiang Nguema, who is enslaving the people and wasting the resources and income of the country, I decided to write this memoir as a channel of communication to inform the world, and the internal and external opposition to the regime in Equatorial Guinea, of my irrevocable challenge for effective and genuine democratization of our country, assuming the duty and the right to carry forward the generational torch to achieve the goal of real liberation of our country, as our fathers dreamed, establishing a democratic regime that is characterized by transparency, efficiency, rule of law and free of repression and corruption.

The mystery of my life is the main title of this book. As you will discover the most important events that have surrounded my life and that remain a mystery to me; because of this, this book is not the story of all my experiences, but a look at the major events such as: how I achieved all my academic aspirations and how they have not been sufficient so far to reach my great desire to start a family and be with them, to help my family, to implant something positive for my country that my children will remember me by, as their hero, as my father is for me and as my grandfather was for him.

This book is also the story of the history of my country, Equatorial Guinea, the political regime and its effects on society, told through the experience of two men, my father Raimundo Ela Nvé Mbang, to a lesser extent and, I, Raimundo Ela Ela Nsang.

The contents of this book are broken down into seven chapters:

In the first chapter I talk about my father, his political life, how he created his family and the testimony I heard about him through other people.

In the second chapter, I talk about my childhood up to and including completing high school. Events of note: the first student strike, of which I was one of the organizers, and how I could mysteriously overcome the obstacles that I encountered so that I could leave to study abroad.

            In the third chapter, I talk about my college stay in Morocco: academic difficulties, health problems exacerbated by the poor health conditions of my country and how I could overcome another obstacle and go finish my post graduate degree in France.

In the fourth chapter I discuss my stay in France: my post graduate programs, the week that changed the course of my life and finally the conditions of my return to Equatorial Guinea.

The fifth chapter is considered as the most important in this story, so much that it could be the subject of a separate book. This is the ordeal of my return to Equatorial Guinea with the company Ondeo Nalco (now Nalco Energy Services), the three years approximately that I worked, the causes and conditions that led to my resignation and the two years of my efforts to claim my labor rights in that company and how through the events in this process I would make a decision that would change the course of all that I had proposed as my life plan and therefore decided to go into exile.

            In the sixth chapter, I explain a little about my experiences in exile in Spain, the steps leading up to the publication of this book and reveal the decision made during my first night in a police cell in Malabo, for the crime of having illegally acquired the proof of fraud and corruption involving my labor settlement.

            The seventh and final chapter contains the conclusions in the form of personal analysis of all that was reported here and where I make it especially ??clear the reason for publishing the story of my life and the goals it pursues.






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